Qubix D3


Boost your body’s natural defenses and stay healthy

  • Against vitamin D deficiency • For strong immune system
  • 30 sachets
  • 1 sachet per day

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What is Qubix D3?

QUBIX D3 is a food supplement specifically formulated to combat vitamin D deficiency and support a healthy immune system. Our unique blend contains vitamin D₃, a crucial nutrient for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. Take control of your health and arm your body’s natural defenses with QUBIX D3 in just one sachet per day.

What are the ingredients in Qubix D3?
Vitamin D₃25 μg500 %

Ingredients: Fructose, maltodextrin, aroma, acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide (E551), cholecalciferol (vitamin D₃), sweetener: sucralose (E955).

¹Nutrient reference value

Why choose Qubix D3?

Elevate your body’s natural defenses and bolster your overall wellness with QUBIX D3.

What is Qubix D3 good for?

Up to 60 % of Europeans have a vitamin D deficiency, and 13 % have a severe deficiency.2, 3 Vitamin D deficiency is a condition where the body does not have enough vitamin D to support its normal growth and development or to maintain good health. It can affect bones, muscles and the immune system, and is caused by factors such as lack of sunlight exposure, certain medical conditions, certain medications and inadequate intake of vitamin D through diet or supplements. That’s why we’ve specifically developed QUBIX D3 to boost your body’s natural defenses and help you stay healthy.

²Lips et al, 2019
⁠³Amrein et al, 2020

How does Qubix D3 help?

QUBIX D3 contains vitamin D₃ which plays a crucial role in the maintenance of your overall health and well-being:

  • Works against vitamin D deficiency. It is vital to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D through dietary intake to maintain good health.
  • Supports immune system. Vitamin D supports normal function of the immune system.
  • Supports muscles, bones and teeth. Vitamin D has a role in normal muscle function. It is also essential for the proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for the maintenance of strong and healthy bones, as well as healthy teeth.
  • Helps growth and repair of the body. Vitamin D has a role in the process of cell division which is essential for growth and repair of the body.

How to use Qubix D3?

When should you take the first sachet?

If you want to boost your body’s natural defenses and stay healthy, you can start taking QUBIX D3 straight away.

How should you take QUBIX D3?

Take one QUBIX D3 sachet once a day whenever you want.

The sachets are designed to be easily consumed so you can enjoy QUBIX D3 straight from the sachet. If you prefer, you can also dissolve the powder in a glass of water and drink it.

How long should you continue taking QUBIX D3?

If you want to support you overall health and well-being, you can take QUBIX D3 every day for an extended period unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

Friendly tips

There are many things you can do to reduce stress which can negatively impact your health, sense of calm and overall balance in your life:

  • Maintain a healthy diet, drink enough water and get enough sleep. Proper nutrition and rest can help you feel more energized and better able to handle stress.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity can help release endorphins, which are natural mood boosters.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga. These can help you relax your body and mind and let go of tension.
  • Be kind to yourself, practice self-care and self-compassion, be mindful and try to identify the source of your stress.
  • Remember that stress is a normal part of life and it’s important to find a balance that works for you. It’s also good to keep in mind that some stress is good for you because it can keep you motivated, productive and alert.

What about safety?

Do not take QUBIX D3 if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Please note

Adequate vitamin D levels are important for the proper function of immune cells, and deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of infections and autoimmune diseases. However, it’s important to note that while vitamin D may support the immune system, it is not a substitute for other measures to support the immune system, such as getting enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet, and following recommended guidelines for hygiene, such as frequent hand washing.

Individual needs may vary based on factors such as age, skin pigmentation and sun exposure. Your healthcare professional can help you determine the appropriate intake for your needs. It’s also important to note that taking high doses of vitamin D can be harmful. The maximum recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 100 μg per day.


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  • The recommended daily amount or dose must not be exceeded.
  • A food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced or varied diet.
  • A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Embrace a kinder world: ‘Vegan’ signifies that our products are free from animal-derived ingredients, for a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

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Qubix D3

Boost your body’s natural defenses and stay healthy

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Qubix D3

  • Against vitamin D deficiency • For strong immune system
  • 30 sachets
  • 1 sachet per day
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