The only herbal medicine with raspberry leaf extract for cramp-free and stress-free periods

  • 226 mg
  • Raspberry leaf extract
  • 8 hard capsules
  • Vegan

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What is Ladiva?

LADIVA is the only available herbal medicine with raspberry leaf extract specialized for relieving menstrual cramps in women+ with uncomfortable period pain. Its active substance, an extract of raspberry leaves, offers a novel solution for women+ searching for a non-harmful solution for their time of the month.

Why is Ladiva so special?

The secret of LADIVA lies in its active natural substance, an extract of raspberry leaves. It’s nature has inspired us every step of the way to design LADIVA as your herbal period cramp and stress reliever. Free yourself from monthly discomfort. Unleash your full potential. Be confident and happy. Let the best in you come naturally.

What is Ladiva good for?

8 out of 10 women+ suffer from menstrual discomfort during their period ranging from cramps to mental stress, nausea, fatigue, headaches and other symptoms that negatively affect their daily lives. Periods should not prevent any women+ from living her life to the fullest. LADIVA is here to help by relieving period cramps and period discomfort associated with them.*

* LADIVA is used for the relief of minor spasms associated with menstrual periods, based on traditional use.

How does Ladiva help with period cramps?

LADIVA contains an active ingredient of 226 mg dry water extract of raspberry leaf. Raspberry leaf when relieving menstrual cramps in this dosage has been scientifically researched and proven for more than 30 years. This research indicates that the ingredients found in raspberry leaf extract are safe in combating inflammation, cramps and period discomfort.

How is Ladiva used?

To feel productive and relaxed, take 3 to 4 capsules per day with water.

When should you take the first capsule of LADIVA?

Uncomfortable period symptoms often occur on the first day of menstrual bleeding. However, some women+ may experience period cramps 1 to 3 days earlier. Therefore, we recommend taking your first LADIVA capsule on a morning you feel or experience these symptoms. Please note, it is recommended you take LADIVA at your first signs of period discomfort.

How often should you take LADIVA?

The recommended daily dose of 3 to 4 capsules per day is easy to include it into your daily routine. Here are our suggestions:

  • Take the 1ˢᵗ capsule in the morning with breakfast;
  • Take the 2ⁿᵈ capsule during your lunch break;
  • Take the 3ʳᵈ capsule mid afternoon, preferably in combination with some physical activity as this will further relax your muscles and cramps;
  • Take the last capsule before bedtime for the good peaceful sleep your body deserves.
How long should you continue taking LADIVA?

Take LADIVA during your entire duration of your period or, until your period cramp symptoms end. On average women+ experience symptoms for around 3 days, but everyone’s body is unique so it’s important to listen to yours.

Friendly tip

When taking LADIVA, it is helpful to set an alarm on your phone to guarantee you are not forgetting your daily dosage.

Is Ladiva safe?

LADIVA is a herbal medicine having no known side effects. It is stomach-, kidney-, liver- and heart-friendly.


Period cramps

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Please note

  • Our bodies are special. Therefore, each of us will likely experience LADIVA in a slightly different way, including how intense the symptom relief is and how quickly it will start.
  • If you suffer from severe period cramps, LADIVA may not be the best choice for you. In some cases, period cramps may be a symptom or consequence of a serious medical condition that needs treatment by a healthcare professional.
  • For more information, click here to view the patient information leaflet. 


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  • LADIVA is a traditional medicinal product indicated for the relief of minor spasms during your period, medically based on many years of use.
  • Before use, carefully read package leaflet! Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the risks and side effects.
  • The user should consult a doctor, qualified health professional or pharmacist if symptoms persist longer than 7 days or if side effects other than those mentioned in the package insert occur.
  • Embrace a kinder world: ‘Vegan’ signifies that our products are free from animal-derived ingredients, for a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

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The only herbal medicine with raspberry leaf extract for cramp-free and stress-free periods

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  • 226 mg
  • Raspberry leaf extract
  • 8 hard capsules
  • Vegan
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